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Saint Basil and a rich American on helping the needy
Updated: 5/20/2020
Saint Basil and a rich American on helping the needy
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Storyboard Description

Saint Basil was an advocate on helping with the poor and with the increasing poverty level in the world, wrong mentality on poverty are on the rise. A typical AMerican thinks the poor are lazy, averse to work and expect hand outs. This story board is about Basil refuting all these wrong beliefs and encouraging a rich american citizen why it is good to help the poor.

Storyboard Text

  • Saint Basil, I am moved by the work you are doing to help the poor but don’t you think you are just encouraging them to continue being lazy, they should work hard like the rest of us
  • I highly disagree with you, you are looking at the world through your own experiences, a closer look into their lives and would see hard work and if hard work was the source of wealth most of these people would be the richest.
  • Forgive me if i would rather not help people who lack aspirations to work, i would rather bank my money where it will earn interest
  • I always say a good deed is never lost, you reap what you sow and again, how do you know you will see tomorrow ?, none of us holds tomorrow, it belongs to God.
  • Well, the Bible clearly tells us that those who do not work should not eat, these poor people are just averse to work
  • The same Bible tells us to help the needy, feed and clothe those in need. You show no mercy, you will be shown none, you closed your doors and the kingdom doors will not be opened to you, you withhold your wealth, you will be denied eternal life..
  • The rich think the poor will become dependent on charity and they should work. Basil counter argues that the poor are actually very hard working
  • Fine,I will make some charitable contribution but only if am sure it will be put into some good cause. I will shower my money to those who expect handouts.
  • Poor people are accused of lacking aspiration to alleviate their suffering and most rich people think helping is a waste. Basil refutes by saying we do not become poor by helping others and saving the future should not deter us from helping the needy
  • ButI cannot go to those poor neighborhoods and talk to the homeless in the street,they are characterized with crimes and insecurity. It makes it hard to help them
  • Indeed the Bible teaches a lazy person should not eat and this display the misconception that all poor people are lazy. However, the same Bible does teach us to help the needy amongst us
  • That’s an accusation, I know I possess love and God knows I have no hatred whatsoever in my heart.
  • The rich give where they expect returns and Basil argues that if we hold back to help others we commit an injustice
  • We call someone who has stolen, a thief, how about the one who can help alleviate suffering but does not? An averter of justice. What you give is what you possess. The extra food in your fridge, the coat you no longer wear, the money you keep for the future that you do not hold belong to the one in need.
  • Segregation of the poor and the rich causes an ignorance on the latter, they do not interact with the poor anymore therefore become unaware of the conditions of the poor
  • .You see, you rich people segregate into your own neighborhoods of the wealthy thus denying to interactions that would cause you to empathize with the poor, this only breeds lack of love and turn a blind eye to the plight of the needy in your society
  • If we claim to possess love but do not help the needy, we are wrong. Our love for humanity should be demostrated through actions and as such is helping the needy.
  • As a tree is known for its fruit, a man, through his deeds, what are you when you turn your eyes away from the homeless, you hold millions in your account and there is a widow who needs a few thousands to secure her house, The acts of charity you fail to commit are many social injustices that you commit.
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