assessment for English.
Updated: 5/19/2020
assessment for English.

Storyboard Text

  • Woah!
  • I can't stop thinking of her
  • I can't stop thinking of her
  • long ago there were two Gods Tapu and Theos and They both had a crush on A God called Pantamenos
  • Enough
  • The two Gods went to work and could not stop thinking of her the whole day.
  • Then Theos had enough and went to the God to ask her out but little did Theos know was that Tapu was watching him.
  • then the two Gods got into an argument about who should get Pantramenos. Then panramenos shouted enough! Then said You will both fight each other and whoever wins gets to marry me.
  • So they both excepted the challenge and went to the arena. When they got to the arena they both got ready. Then Pantramenos said fight
  • In the End Theos won and Got to marry Pantramenos. But theos was all lonely by himself. And whenever Tapu thinks of pantramenos he starts crying. so whenever you see rain it is Tapus tears of loneliness.