Updated: 8/13/2020

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  • Hi! Let's talk about the state of matter"
  • Who are you?
  • My name is glass of water. I am your future.
  • The future me? But I'm a solid? How did I become you?and how do you become me?
  • Then.. I can become you is using the phase change called freezing while changes happen in our particles in our bodies move around or our matter changes.
  • In the past I was in Ice cube then I went through a phase change called melting with heat which made me become solid.
  • So how I became you? well at first you went through a phase called vaporization or vaporation which is an endothermic then how will I becoming you is going through a phase called condensation which is an exothermic.
  • Hey you are my future right? Can you tell how i become like you? And how you become like me?
  • You as a solid can go through a phase called sublimation without becoming a liquid or if I want to be back into a solid I can go through a phase called deposition where I can become you without becoming liquid.
  • Let me guess are you the future of me? How do I become you and you become me?
  • And that is the state of matter...Submitted by Gillian Francisco
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