Biology Exam
Updated: 6/19/2020
Biology Exam
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  • Jimmy the Brave Red Fire Ant
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  • TABLE OF CONTENTS:Page 1: TitlePage 2: Table of contentsPage 3:Characterspage 4: Vocabularypage 5- : StoryPage --: Credits
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  • CHARACTERS:1. Jimmy the Fire Ant - Main character2. Fred the fire ant - Jimmy's friend3. Tom - Little kid in town
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  • Vocabulary:Niche: role of a ant in its ecosystem.Red Imported Fire Ant: type of ant that lives in the rain forest.Rain Forest: Tropical area with heavy rainfall.Ecosystem: Is made up of all living and nonliving things, life that make up a community.Colony: An ant colony is where ants organize their life cycle.ENJOY THE STORY!!!
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  • Jimmy and Fred were best friends since they were born. Their niche was to search for food scraps, they use to go together for bringing bigger scraps back to the colony and please the Queen.This time they were going to follow another road because they wanted to explore the outside of the colony and maybe find something interesting.
  • We should follow this road Fred, maybe we can find something interesting.
  • Let's do it Jimmy!
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  • After a long walk throughout the rain forest, Jimmy and Fred were very frustrated because they couldn't find any food scraps and also they were very tired so they decided they would search again the next day.When they turned around to go back to the colony they couldn't remember which road they were supposed to follow so they followed a dark road because they were not sure which one to follow.
  • The Queen will be very dissapointed on us.
  • This road looks so scary when there is not light!
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