Cheerleading 1
Updated: 6/8/2020
Cheerleading 1

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  • One Month Until Competition
  • Keep going girls. We want to win nationals.
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  • Everyone STOP. Stop the music.
  • Oh no Becca!
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  • I am sorry Becca, but you broke your foot. You're going to have to be in this cast for 8 weeks. I am afraid that means you won't be able to cheer.
  • The only thing you need right now is to get better.
  • *crying* I need to cheer. My team needs me.
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  • Becca, I am so sorry. Feel better soon.
  • Becca, your parents are here. We will give you some space with them. Feel better soon.
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  • Back at the Gym...
  • This is crazy!!
  • We have a very tough decision to make. There's nothing we can do except hope it's the right one.
  • I can't believe it. We only have 3 weeks until competition.
  • 5
  • What if we asked Julie? I know we cut her at tryouts but maybe...
  • Julie will never get it. We will just have to tryout a bunch of girls.
  • You're right. We have no other option.
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