Natural Selection
Updated: 2/7/2020
Natural Selection

Storyboard Description

Natural Selection Project for Cowger's class

Storyboard Text

  • Mom I can't reach the apples on the trees
  • One day there were. a family of giraffes but they were all too short to reach the trees
  • Then the giraffes went through a mutation making them taller
  • So when the Mommy giraffe had another child her child's neck grew larger than the rest
  • How come my new brother can reach the apples?
  • Although the giraffes couldn't reach the fruits that were grown on higher elevations they could eat other types of fruit
  • After a while, since there were so many small necked giraffes they ended up eating all of the reachable fruit tress and the only ones left were the high trees. The result of this is that since there wasn't enough resources small necked giraffes ended up passing away in this area
  • The long necked giraffe then migrated to the Savannah and repopulating causing some of his offspring to have the same mutation that he does