Eli Ridgeway - The Book Thief Pt4 Storyboard
Updated: 2/7/2020
Eli Ridgeway - The Book Thief Pt4 Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Han's Flashback
  • The Serious Talk
  • Max's Awakening
  • This cell shows Han's Flashback to when he was in France during WWI. This cell is set before all of his troop died and before he was the only one left. Hans is screaming because there are too many enemies and it is just him and two other troops.
  • This cell shows Hans giving Liesel the talk about how Max is a jew and if she tells anybody then Max will be killed. Hans, Rosa, and even Liesel will be killed with him.
  • This cell shows Max finally meeting Liesel after being asleep for a few days. Max is talking to Liesel about his nightmares and how he doesn't want to scare her so he will just stay down stairs for now.