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Updated: 4/20/2020
TMOV storybard
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  • Bassanio asking for money
  • my dear friend Antonio, please can you lend me money so I can marry Portia
  • Thank you so much Antonio, I promise ill pay you back
  • I dont have any money because my ships are out at sea, but you can use my name to get a loan
  • Bassanio asks Shylock for money
  • Shylock can you loan me 1000 ducets and ill pay you back
  • ok, but if I dont get paid back, i want 1 pound of Antonios flesh
  • its on my name, ill pay you back when my ships come in
  • Lorenzo takes Jessica
  • Im here for you Jessica, lets run away together
  • I look quite embarrassing right now
  • Bassanio needs money so he can marry Portia, a rich women who is looking for a husband. Bassanio doesn't have money right now so he asks for a loan from Antonio. Antonio is a merchant and has 6 ships at sea, so he says use my name and someone will give you money and when my ships come in ill pay them back
  • Shylock finds out his daughter is gone
  • Bassanio and Antonio ask Shylock to give them a loan. Shylock says that Antonio is racist to him because hes Jewish, so he made a deal that if Shylock isn't paid back he wants 1 pound of Antonio's flesh
  • Bassanio picks the correct chest
  • I will pick the Lead Casket, because it is the inside that counts
  • Jessica is Shylocks daughter and is running away with her to be husband Lorenzo. She is dressed up as a boy to blend in. As she leaves she takes Shylock's ducets.
  • Antonio is saved by Bassanio and Portia
  • If shylock takes any blood from Antonio, he is breaking the bond
  • When Shylock finds out Jessica is gone, and that Bassanio left the same day he assumes that Antonio had something to do with it. So now all he wants is his revenge against Antonio
  • Bassanio arrives at Portias house and picks the correct Casket, so he is able to marry Portia, and now has enough money to save Antonio
  • hes picking the right one, yay!
  • For plotting to kill Antonio you must give him half of your wealth , and half of your property
  • Bassanio arrives just in time to help out Antonio, and Portia comes along (without Bassanios knowledge) dressed as a lawyer who ultimately frees Antonio and makes Shylock give half his wealth , and property to Antonio.
  • okay, then I just want my ducets back then
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