One problem in Garden FPB
Updated: 11/17/2020
One problem in Garden FPB

Storyboard Text

  • Good morning everybody! You have homework for the next week, each one of you will do a special garden
  • It's a joke!
  • Noooo! Why?
  • But we have a lot of work!
  • Einh?What? What we must to do?
  • Zzzz
  • No, of course it isn't a joke. I gave to you the instruccions one month ago, but you don't listen to me.
  • Zzzz
  • We can't do that in only one week
  • It's imposible!
  • We will not pass
  • Wait a minute! I have an idea!
  • Next week...
  • We have worked very hard!
  • Bu this is amazing! I'm very impressed!
  • A lot of hours...
  • Hi! I bring fourty rose bushes for Josep Sánchez...
  • Oh, no, is a mistake. Is not here.