fate of Russia from 1914 to 1917
Updated: 11/2/2020
fate of Russia from 1914 to 1917

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documents about the Russian history and the revolutionary patterns of the early Bolshevik parliament

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  • August 1914-Russian soldiers fighting on the front line of WW1
  • I surrender!Spare my life!
  • P.S.This is not the actual flag of the "Deutsches Reich"
  • Germany: Drive out the Slavs!
  • Austria-Hungary: Return Galicia to us, or we will invade your territories in Ukraine!
  • Our food supply is limited and could not sustain for long, there is going to be mutiny
  • September 1915-Personal commend of Czar Nicolas on the WW1 battlefield
  • The call form the council of nobles for the Czar to step down
  • You are such an inadequate man to be the Czar!
  • I have just returned from the battlefield......
  • In the early days of the war, the Russian troops went on smoothly. However, in May 1915, Germany and Austria-Hungary launched an all-round attack. As a result, more than half of the Russian troops were lost, and the suffered a heavy wastage.
  • December 1916- Rasputin was assassinated
  • I have a hunch that I will be killed by the nobles at the year.
  • Dimitri, shoot to this bastard!!!
  • By the time Belgrade, the capital of Serbia was captured by the Austrians, the Russians completely lost their allies on the southern battlefield, and, without any Treaty nations to help them, Russian Empire began to lose great amounts of territories to the west. The Czar can no longer control the circumstances.
  • March 1917-the Duma urged the Czar to make some transformations
  • What has happened recently?
  • The czar officially disbanded Duma today. This is his typical method to seize power to achieve autocracy.
  • During the last year of reign of the Czar Nicolas II,under the control of Rasputin and his followers, the whole state institutions were paralyzed. This fully reveals the corruption and ugliness of the Czarist autocracy. The noble classes of the Russian Empire got dissatisfied, as there are more and more scandals inside and outside the court, one of them even admitted that he was a German spy.
  • 1917.4.17- The April Thesis by Lenin
  • This is my modified version for the peasants!
  • You should thanks Lenin for that!
  • Free at last! We finally got sufficient land to plant!
  • The furious aristocrats wanted to enforce the absolute rule of the Czar, consequently, the final target chosen by them was Rasputin, the wicked monk. However, after his ultimate death, the man who organized the assassination, Yusubov and Pavlovic, ended up exiled by the deluded Czar himself.
  • The feudal remains of Kornilov was finally annihilated
  • Tensions between the Czar and the Duma began from the first day of its establishment. On that day, the delegates drafted an opening speech in response to the tsar, asking for amnesty for political prisoners, constitutional monarchy and auction of royal and church property. The Tsar refused all the demands and the two sides were deadlocked. The Tsar had announced that he would set up the second Duma on March 5, 1907. In fact, they were just puppets who obeyed his orders
  • The new legislation provided much profit for the farmers and peasants, unlike Pyotr Stolypin, his reformations were more practical. It was now regulated that the engineers should supervise social production and distribution on behalf of the Soviet government.
  • "The outline of April" clearly defined for the Bolshevik party the line of transition from bourgeois democratic revolution to socialist revolution, and pointed out the future of revolutionary development.
  • The czar must be abdicating soon!