Magnesium Nitride
Updated: 11/30/2020
Magnesium Nitride

Storyboard Text

  • We need to know how Magnesium reacts with Nitrogen gas to produce Magnesium nitride
  • But I don't know how. I wish someone can lend us their wisdom.
  • Very well then. Show us your wisdom learned sir.
  • I can teach you how! Afterall, I am Chemy, a product of human intelligence.
  • Listen! For step 1, Convert the given problem into a word equation.
  • That would be: Magnesium + Nitrogen gas -->> Magnesium nitride
  • it seems easy to do
  • For step 2, convert the word equation into a chemical equation.
  • That would be: Mg + N2 -->> Mg3N2
  • so that's it!
  • It's balanced now!
  • Lastly, balance the given chemical equation written in the step 2 by adding coefficient after the chemical symbol or chemical formula
  • That would be: 3Mg + N2 -->> Mg3N2
  • It's an honor to help your Highness!
  • Thank you for you for your knowledge Chemy!