hw mss holcombe
Updated: 8/16/2019
hw mss holcombe

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eliot do your hw

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  • I'm going to think about it Robert.
  • coach you have to let me play this is my last year playing soccer
  • Katy, i know that you are a great runner I just don't want u to get hurt before the nationals. It has been proved that if you don't rest your body will be hurt.
  • Miss Flores I should be the number one runner, I am the fastest in the running team, you have all my records 
  • You gotta let me shower first, this is my first day of school, you haven't even started classes yet
  • oh I'm sorry Tim go ahead.
  • Robert is trying to convince his coach to let him play soccer, even though he hasn't attend to practice lately
  • no problem Robert I'll see you in the field. (He is a great kid) thinks coach Enrique.
  • thank you so much for this opportunity coach, I won't disappoint you.
  • Katy is having an argument, with Miss Gonzales about why she isn't the number one runner in the running list after all the competitions she has won.
  • I wasn't lying to you about getting hurt
  • You're so smart Miss Gonzales, I will take care of myself 
  • Tim and shaggy are discussing about who is using the restroom first, but Tim says that today is his first day in school
  • Goodbye have fun, and I am really sorry for what happen earlier, i wasn't really thinking
  • Thank you, see you later brother, and it is okay you don't have to apologize
  • After coach Enrique talked with Robert he felt bad for him and at the end he is going to let him play his last soccer tournament. Pathos
  • Miss Gonzales shows a video and a document that shows what overwhelming your body can do to your health. Ethos
  • After Tim and Shaggy talked about the situation using logical reasoning, Shaggy did let Tim shower first. Logos
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