Updated: 2/11/2019

Storyboard Text

  • Once upon a time Cenfrillon was a young nice girl who lived in a very poor family, one day her mean step mother came in her room smiling and said :" let's go outside and have a walk". Cenfrillon was very happy.
  • While they were walking in the forest and talking about cooking...
  • two strong men appeared from nowhere and caught Cenfrillon's arms. The old men was giving some money to her stepmother and she walked away whithout a look backwards. Cenfrillon didn' t understand anything.
  • A few minutes later she was walking in a dark forest with the men who captured her. Meanwhile a blond boy was watching them further away.
  • The next day she woke up in a creepy donjon and her arm was attached to a pole. She was terrified and was angry against her cruel stepmother.
  • By this time a blond beautiful prince was walking by the donjon and came to save her.She explained him why she was here and said thank you.