True Love
Updated: 3/31/2020
True Love
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Picture 1: Princess Lea is being proposed to by Sir Cadgon. Her servant Elanor watches. She wants to marry so she can have love but also so she would not have to live at the awful castle as a servant her entire life. Picture 2: The marriage between now King Cadgon of Naboo and Queen Lea of Naboo. Elanor watches pitifully. She longs for love. In the mean time Elanor does not notice the she is being eyed bye a prince named Prince Peter of Natilsie. Picture 3: Prince Peter proposes to Elanor on her way to the kitchen. She is overwhelmed with joy. She accepts and they become King Peter of Nasilsie and Queen Elanor of Nasilsie. They live happily ever after. The End
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