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stone age comic book
Updated: 9/14/2020
stone age comic book
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  • This helped many people to live and being able to get their food and shelter covered .
  • In the Paleolithic Age, they wandererd from place to place, hunting animals and gathering plants for food.
  • Since we are in the Neolithic Age, we started farming and produce our own food and raise animals and crops.
  • Because of this we were able to survive and used our resources we had.
  • In the Paleolithic Age, people used to live in caves or rough tent-like structures since this was only temporary because they were hunt-gathers were nomads who had to move often in order to follow the wild animal herds or new plants to eat.
  • In the Neolithic Age, beside farmers there were weavers, basket makers, tool markers, and traders.
  • In the Neolithic Age, as we settled into farming, our homes were more permanent and we used mud bricks, packed together, to built houses. Sometimes we added high openings in the roof so people could come in.
  • This helped many of us settle in one home and idiot have to wry about moving because of our crops and farms.
  • In the Paleolithic Age, their main job was finding food to survive. With farms providing steadier supplies of food, they could develop more specialized skill.
  • This was important job for them in order to trade and ear money to take care of themselves
  • This was important to us because we wanted to live a good life with profit.
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