Hero¨s journey: part 3
Updated: 1/10/2020
Hero¨s journey: part 3
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  • Part 3: Approach. Alice continues her journey on the train. ¨What, than you don´t ---¨ the little voice began, when it drowning by a by a shrill scream from the engine, and everybody jumped up in alarm, Alice among the rest. The Horse, who had put his head out the window quietly drew it back in and said, ¨It´s only a brook we have to jump over.¨ Everybody seemed satisfied with this.....¨ Part 3: Ordeal. Alice enters a forest and forgets who she is. ¨She was rambling on in the way when she reached the wood: it looked very cool and shady. ¨well, at any rate it´s great comfort,¨"she said as she stepped under the trees¨ ¨She stood silent for a minute, thinking: then she suddenly began again. ¨then it really has happened, after all! And now, who am I? I will remember, if I can! I´m determined to do it!¨ Alice is then led out of the forest by a fawn who also forgot who it was. Part 3: treasure. Alice makes it to the square she was told to go to by the queen to become a queen herself. ¨Oh, how glad I am to get here! And what is this on my head? she exclaimed in a tone of dismay, as she put her hands up to something very heavy, and fitted tight all round her head. ¨But how can it have got there without my knowing of it?¨ she said to herself, as she lifted it off and set it on her lap to make out what it could possibly be. It was a golden crown.
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