Derek the Donkey

Updated: 1/24/2019
Derek the Donkey

Storyboard Text

  • All of the zebras sleep standing up when Derek just wants to lay down! The zebras also eat grass when Derek just wants to eat hay!
  • After spending this time with the zebras, Derek realizes he is much happier being unique than turning into something he is not to fit in.
  • With his new confidence, Derek goes home and washes off the stripes that he thought he needed.
  • Derek lives happily ever after by including extending his friendship to all animals and staying true to himself.
  • When Derek came back to school with stripes, the Zebras finally accepted him as their friend.
  • Welcome!
  • After being friends with the zebras for a week, Derek noticed some differences between him and Zayne that made him question the friendship
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