The Giver
Updated: 2/10/2020
The Giver

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  • I lived in a community. Everything is the same.
  • When I was a Twelve, I was given my assignment, just like any other twelve.
  • I was given the assignment of Receiver of Memory.
  • Our community doesn't see colors, but I can. I learned about how different our community is from how the world used to be. I gained so much wisdom.
  • The previous Receiver, "The Giver" explained to me that I can see colors.
  • He gave me many peaceful and horrifying memories.
  • Everyone knew what it meant to be released, but none knew where the released go after it's done. The Giver showed me where they go.
  • When one is released, they are killed.
  • Before the ceremony, the Giver told me that I should escape to Elsewhere so the memories could return to the people of the community.
  • Later, I decided to take Gabriel, the visiting newchild with me when I found out he was being released.
  • It was an exhausting and dangerous journey,
  • I think.
  • But we finally made it to Elsewhere.