Reunifying China
Updated: 1/17/2020
Reunifying China
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  • Join me! Let's turn from Confucianism and Daoist! We aren't getting the respect that we deserve. And, Daoism is the idea of living simply with nature.
  • I am here to be a government official, I am wealthy so I have used a lot of money on education and I am prepared to take this test!
  • I am Li Yuan! Fight with me to take control of China and to end this period of rebellion and chaos.
  • The Han Dynasty was thriving, but the court officials were corrupt and out for themselves. The wealthy owned land that was worked on by a peasant. So the peasant turned from Confucianism and Daoism spread the idea of living simply with nature. The Yellow Turban Rebellion was when peasants turned against the corrupt government, power was divided in the empire from fighting and the Han Dynasty ended.
  • This invention has made life so much easier for me. I no longer have to walk by land to my destination carrying all the items I plan to trade! I am now able to load them onto my vehicle and sail there!
  • China was divided into three kingdoms, the Wei, Wo, and the Shu-Han. The Civil War lasted 60 years, which made sure they had very little cultural development. The Wei conquered the Shu-Han and Wu. The ruler, Wudi, started the Jin Dynasty. The Jin Dynasty wasn't united, it was weak, which made it end after 200 years. After that, Wendi united all of China and began the Sui Dynasty, Wendi brought back confucian rituals, made laws/taxes simpler, created a census, and used local people in charge. The Sui was a golden age, and Buddhism and Confucianism were encouraged. After that, Emperor Yangdi made government officials take confucian tests. Lastly, rebellion broke out leading to famine.
  • Teacher: "See class these two chairs represent the North and South. In the North they were experiencing the Five Dynasty period while in the South they were experiencing the Ten Kingdoms period.
  • After the Sui Dynasty collapsed, the founder of one of the greatest Chinese dynasties, the Tang Dynasty, Li Yuan, headed a group that fought to take control. In 624, Yuan held most of China.
  • I can use this as a target to try out the new;y invented crossbow and gun powder.
  • The Grand Canal improved trade and travel, bringing wealth to the Tang Dynasty.
  • First, after the Tang Dynasty there was the Five Dynasty period in the North, and Ten Kingdoms period in the South.
  • A mechanical clock driven by water, paper money, moveable type, the plow and harrow that improved farming, drought-resistant champa rice, and military technology such as gunpowder and a crossbow were inventions of the Song.
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