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Animal farm chapter 5
Updated: 3/26/2020
Animal farm chapter 5
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  • Mollie runs away
  • I getting out of here .
  • I want to build a windmill.
  • Disagreements
  • Amass weapons;No windmill, thinks they need to make more food.
  • planing the windmill
  • Mollie runs away from the farm because she does not want to do any work. She also likes getting sugar and ribbons from another farmer so she leaves and goes to his farm.
  • Snowball gets chased
  • Snowball and Napoleon disagree on almost everything. Snowball wants a windmill because It will give the animals electricity and power. Napoleon thinks that they should concentrate on food and not comfort.
  • Pigs get the power
  • Snowball gets planes for the windmill from 3 books that Mr.Jones used to have. I has been planing out diagrams for the windmill for a couple weeks. Napoleon is the only animal to disagree with the windmill and pees on Snowballs plans.
  • Building the windmill
  • The three dogs that Napoleon raised chase Snowball of the farm. Napoleon did that because he saw Snowball as a threat and wanted to be the most powerful leader and everyone to follow his rules and ideas.
  • Napoleon announces to the animals that there will be no more debates and the pigs will be making the decisions from now on. This upsets the animals but no one speaks up because they are afraid of the dogs.
  • Napoleon tells the animals that they will be building the windmill. Squeaker tells all the other animals that It was originally Napoleons idea and snowball stole it. He says that Napoleon only opposed it because he want Snowball gone.
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