Culminating project- Jacobson
Updated: 7/9/2020
Culminating project- Jacobson
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  • Emotional Wellness: being comfortable with the people around you, your surroundings, and yourself. Also, how well you react to things that happen in your life. I You would be able to grow and learn from situations.
  • Physical Wellness: how you take care of your body. Taking care of your body includes making sure you exercise enough, have good nutrition in what you eat, and take care of your hygiene. By doing these things, you can better physical wellness.
  • Total WellnessHas three parts.
  • Social Wellness: The relationships you have and how you interact in them. Somebody who has good social wellness could be a friend with positive facial expressions, voice tone, and open body language and who are not too busy to listen.
  • Measurable: You will need to put a numerical value to your goal in order to track your progress and know when you have achieved your goal.
  • Time-Bound: Make a deadline for when you want to achieve your goal.
  • Relevant: Set goals that are important to you! You will be more motivated!
  • Specific: Your goal should be clear and easy to understand.
  • Achievable: Make sure your goal is one that can be reasonably achieved.
  • SMARTgoals
  • Physical wellness: - stronger bones- more confidence- reduced depression- improvement in grades
  • Common injuries: Muscle strains, muscle sprains, blisters, and shin splints are common. Follow RICE. Rest, ice, compression, elevation.
  • Body composition: the percentages of fat, bone, muscle, and water in your body. A healthy body composition is one that includes a lower percentage of body fat and a higher percentage of fat-free mass (meaning muscles, bones, and organs).
  • Injury prevention: Drink fluids, warm up, stretch, drink lots of fluids, wear protective gear, and cool down after
  • Food advertisements affect what we eat by using techniques to influence us to buy unhealthy food.
  • Good food choices are made by choosing nutrient dense foods.
  • MODULE 7
  • Fad diets are diets that are usually unhealthy and unbalanced.
  • Obesity is when your body weight is 20% higher than it should be.
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