Rosa Parks Storyboard
Updated: 2/27/2020
Rosa Parks Storyboard

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  • Childhood
  • Don´t listen to anyone Rosa, you are just as good as everyone else, don´t forget that.
  • The Bus (first encounter)
  • but I´m already in the back of the bus why does it matter?
  • Ma´am I´m going to have to ask you to walk around the bus to the back door and get on.
  • The Bus (second encounter)
  • Go to the back of the bus right now or I will have you arrested.
  • NO!
  • When Rosa was younger, she was raised that she was just as good as everyone and nothing changes that.
  • Jail
  • No, whites only.
  • May I get a drink of water?
  • In the 1900s black people were not allowed to sit in the front of a bus, they also had to give up their seat for white people. In 1943, Rosa Parks was asked to get off the bus and enter through the back door so she reluctantly got off and said she would never ride the bus again if it was that same bus driver.
  • Nixon´s Boycott
  • In 1955, Parks had had enough, she was asked once again to give up her seat, but this time, she refused and was arrested. This was a huge part of the bus boycott.
  • The Bus Boycott
  • NO! We will not ride your buses.
  • Rosa Parks was arrested and put in jail. She knew what she did was wrong but someone had to stand up for their rights. Blacks must not ride the buses anymore she thought to herself.
  • They better NOT ride the buses, this is unfair.
  • E.D. Nixon came to the jail and told Parks that he was going to use her case to start a bus boycott. Luckily, the word spread fast, no blacks would ride the buses.
  • I´m going to use your case to start a bus boycott!
  • Don't ride the buses!
  • Blacks went to the bus stations in the cold winter mornings just to make sure no one would get on a bus that day. This boycott continued for 381 days. After that amount of time, they finally had freedom and could sit where ever they wanted.
  • Do not get on their buses!
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