Psych Project
Updated: 2/25/2021
Psych Project

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  • How Freud Sees Me
  • Should I sneak out and meet my friends?
  • Yes! Your parents won't even notice your gone and you deserve to have fun!
  • No! You need to follow the rules your parents set for you!
  • How Adler Sees Me
  • Mom, I got an A on my math test and my science test! I even got bonus points for doing an extra homework sheet. I also got first in my race today!
  • Well I got my art displayed at my school, got the lead in my school play, and made a bunch of new friends at school. So I beat you.
  • I feel like a smart person, which makes me feel good about myself!
  • How Maslow Sees Me
  • Self Image: I think I am a smart person.
  • Ideal Self: "I want to be a smart person"
  • Sigmund Freud created his theory of personality based on the idea that personality arises from unconscious motives and conflicts. He believed the majority of the mind is hidden and the human personality arises from conflict between impulse and restraint. Freud also created the concepts of the Id, Ego, and Superego.
  • How Eysenck Sees Me
  • No, I like staying in on the weekends to recharge after being around a ton of people at school.
  • Alfred Adler was a psychodynamic theorist and believed in the birth order theory. He believed birth order impacts personality due to childhood tension. He believed behavior was driven by efforts to overcome the childhood inferiority complex and strive for superiority/power.
  • How Costa and McCrae See Me
  • One of my best personality traits is my high conscientiousness. It causes me to be hardworking, dependable, and organized, which is a big advantage in school.
  • Abraham Maslow was a humanistic psychologist, who created the Hierarchy of Needs. Self-actualization is the process of fulfilling our potential and is one of his ultimate psychological needs. Maslow studied healthy, creative people who had a secure sense of who they are. He believed these people were self-actualized, and their personalities had potential for healthy personal growth.
  • How Bandura Sees Me
  • My friends and I are going to a party this weekend. There will be a ton of people there, do you want to come?
  • Hans and Sybil Eysenck were trait theorists studying personality. They reduced normal individual variations of a personality test to 2-3 dimensions. The dimensions were extraversion/introversion and emotional stability/instability. They also believed the factors were genetically influenced.
  • Paul Costa and Robert McCrae were also trait theorists, but their Big 5 Factors were better at explaining a personality. The Big 5 Factors include openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. The Big 5 personality test based on their theory is the most popular modern approximation of trait dimensions.
  • Albert Bandura favored the social-cognitive perspective and believed that behavior is influenced by interaction between people's traits and social situations. One concept he theorized was reciprocal determinism, the interactive influences of behavior, internal cognition, and environment.
  • I am a very hardworking student, so I am in several AP and Honors courses. The more AP/Honors classes I am in and the more work I receive, the more hardworking I become.