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samari storyboard
Updated: 9/28/2018
samari storyboard
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  • Fellow samurai, today is the day that we get paid by the daimyo, so we will be going into town.
  • To buy ingredients for supper.
  • He is trying to kill me and steal my land.
  • Be back Before noon and attack Akita Sanesue.
  • We should stop by the artisans shop to buy new swords for the attack.
  • I dont think we will have enough time for supper
  • Move out the way you filthy peasent.
  • Yes Date Masamune we must.
  • A group of samurai are planing to go into town with and buy some ingredients for dinner to go with the rice that the daimyo paid them with.
  • Welcome, how may I be to your service today?
  • We are about to go into batle and need some weapons to acompany us.
  • Getting paid (by rice) from the daimyo. The daiymo tells the samurai that they have to attack Akitia Sanesue for threats of land theft and murder.
  • ATTACK!!
  • The samurai are going to the artisans shop to buy new swords dor the attack. they run into a peasent on the way.
  • Thankyou for protecting me and this land.
  • Samurai talking to an artisan about making extra swords.
  • Of course, i have some freshly made and sharpend swords hanging on the back wall. I also have a bow and arrow if needed.
  • Samurai attaking Akita Sanesue
  • Daimyo thanking samurai for their work.
  • Although we lost one of our fellow samurai, I am happy that you are our daiymo.
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