Theseus' Six Labours
Updated: 5/18/2020
Theseus' Six Labours

Storyboard Text

  • Labour-1Periphetes
  • Labour-2Sinis
  • Labour-3The Crommyonian Sow
  • According to some versions, Periphetes had one eye like a cyclops and lame in one leg. He used to rob and kill the travelers with his bronze club. Theseus tricked Periphetes to ensure that his club was really made of bronze club and thrashed his head with it and killed him.
  • Labour-4Sciron
  • Sinis, an Isthmain, killedtravelers by tieing them to two pine trees and bending them to the ground. The victim was torn apart, according to some versions. Theseus killed Sinis by using the same method on him! He tied Sinis totwo trees and used the momentum of the trees to bend him to the ground.
  • Labour-5Cercyon
  • Crommyon, which was located in the northern part of Ancient Greece, in the north Isthmus was terrorized by a monstrous wild pig, named the Crommyonian Sow. Theseus killed the Crommyonian Sow and its mistress as soon as he arrived in Crommyon.
  • Labour-6Procrustes
  • Sciron would kill travellers that were passing through these rocks by forcing them towash their feet and then kicking them over the cliff. Theseus tricked Sciron bytelling him to wash his feet. When Sciron bent over to do so, Theseus kickedhim over the cliff.
  • The king of Eleusis, Cercyon, was a strong man who challenged those passing through his lands to a wrestling match, passing through the roads around Eleusis. Theseus defeated the king skillfully instead of using his physical power and captured his kingdom after killing him.
  • The son of Poseidon, Procrustes, controlled the path between Athens and Eleusis on Mount Korydallos, Erineus. He invited all those who traveled his wayto help him with a blacksmithing task, which often resulted in the deaths ofthose who tried to help. Instead,Theseus beheaded him along with cutting his legs with his own axe.