romulus and remus
Updated: 6/19/2020
romulus and remus
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  • we will look after you now
  • The god Mars and Rhea Silvia have twin sons together despite Rhea Silvia being mortal and a vestile virgin
  • i think you are my grandsons
  • Once Amulius finds out about the twins he orders his slave to kill the twins so they will never be able to overthrow him. However the twins washed up on a beach and when a wolf found them she suckled them.
  • Faustulus found them with the wolf and took them home to his wife Larentia and together they raised them.
  • One day Remus was taken and Romulus went after him. Romulus had been given to Numitor and when Numitor saw them he recognised them as his grandsons. Together they planned to take revenge on Amulius.
  • A few days later they had killed Amulius and the twins found a new place to rule. To choose who would be king they let the gods decide by climbing up a hill each and waiting for a sign from the gods. Remus saw six birds and Romulus saw twelve. They still couldn't decide as Remus saw them first but Romulus saw more. `Romulus became king
  • Romulus was building a wall around his city when Remus came and jumped over the wall making fun of how small it was. In a rage of anger over Remus' comments he killed him and the city Rome was born.
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