Unknown Story
Updated: 8/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • look at the sky!!
  • Four people were heading to England but then they got shipwrecked
  • HELLPPP!!!!
  • Ella was the only one to survive and she got washed up on an abandoned island
  • Everything is hopeless!!
  • Oh, where am I??
  • Oh, Hello!
  • I'm never going to see my family again
  • Aaaahh, why did I have to slip in!!
  • She spent 5 lonely years on the island with her only friend a squirrel called Mr Bean before she was rescued by a boat
  • Oi, I need rescuing as well , i'm sick of being stuck on this stupid island!!
  • Heeyyyy!!! Over here!
  • She got dropped off in England and 2 yrs later her time on the island was made into a book
  • ....so what happened after you sliipped in?
  • .....Well