Updated: 2/24/2019

Storyboard Text

  • A girl runs out of her house with a bag, and heads to the garage.
  • She hopped into the car, starting the engine.
  • Hope put on her seatbelt and started driving to the shops. She didn't know a special person would be there.
  • As Hope was working, She found Maques standing in the doorway, He told her that he had a surprise for her. He blind folded her and took her somewhere.
  • Hope had to find clues once her blind fold was off. It led her to the airport where she found plane tickets. She found her friends Quinn and Jayn. They went on a ride and she found another clue. She followed the instructions and found herself somewhere amazing.
  • She ended up in Rome! She was so happy, and the friends she met along the way