Updated: 12/16/2020

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  • Good morning
  • What exactly do you want to know about vaccines so you don't get scared?
  • hello I come to make a vaccine but I'm very afraid
  • Vaccination is very important because it protects us from several diseases that can be dangerous or fatal to us. It allows the body to have many antibodies to help the immune system fight a disease.
  • I would like to know more about the vaccine because for me it's just a horrible sting
  • you can lie down if you wish
  • Antibodies are important because they protect us from disease and remain active throughout our lives. This is therefore the essential element in combating these diseases
  • why are antibodies important?
  • because to produce antibodies our body must either get the disease or get vaccinated. However, as vaccination is a safe way to get vaccinated than to have the disease
  • but why is one obliged to use a vaccine to have antibodies?
  • no it doesn't hurt the sting can just sting a little whileAre you ready??
  • and that's it
  • aieee
  • It hurts?
  • humm yes
  • Now your body is prepared in advance to defend itself against diseases that can be serious. I will now write it in your health book to find out that you have made this vaccine. And now that you know everything you're going to be able to come and do the others without being afraid the next time
  • thank you for answering my questions soon