Elsa The hero

Updated: 5/13/2020
Elsa The hero

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  • Playing
  • What shall wename him
  • Elsa Thanks we can call Olaf
  • Anna got hurt
  • What happened to Anna?
  • Locked herself in the room
  • I won't go out because I don't want to hurt anyone
  • Anna wasn't sleepy so she woke Elsa and wanted to play.So Elsa build a snow named Olaf
  • Elsa coronation
  • Anna got hurt while she was jumping and then she fell.
  • Elsa reveled her power
  • Elsa didn't want to hurt Anna so she locked herself in her room
  • Refusal
  • After Elsa's parent passed away All the people of Arendelle decided Elsa to became the queen. So after 9 year Elsa came out of her room so she can became the queen.
  • Anna wanted to marry Hans but Elsa refuses and walkaway Anna stopped her by pulling her gloves Elsa got scared and revealed her power
  • find her sister, many people warn her and advise her not to go. Although Anna has no hesitation when offering to.
  • Take care and don't worry about the kingdom