Updated: 3/4/2021

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  • Some money, please
  • A gold ring
  • I'm very lucky
  • Who is she? I must talk to her!
  • In Salamanca, there was a poor student called Don Vincent. He played the guitar. In the sumer holidays, he travelled from town to town and played music to begged for money
  • I'm a soldier of Ferdinand and Isabella's army
  • You're wearing a strange clothes. Who are you?
  • One day, Don Vincent found a valuable ring on the ground. In Granada, he saw a priest and a young maiden. She captivated Don Vincent's heart, but he didn't attract her attention
  • Follow me courage and you will make your fortune
  • Don Vincent fell in love with the maiden. He asked the local people about the pair. They were Father Thomas and his servant, Emmeline. He went to her house and serenaded her with his guitar
  • This is my home
  • It's very cold in here
  • On the eve of St John, everybody were into the town. Don Vincent whached to happy couples. He noticed a soldier, but nobody looked at him as they crossed the bridge. Was he invisible to all excepted Don Vincent?
  • Don Vincent follow the soldier. They climb a hill and a gardens. They arrived at a deserted tower. The soldier hit the ground with his sword three times and the stones moved. It revealed a vault and they entered
  • I don't want to commit a crime
  • The soldier came to that room 300 yeras ago. He's a prisoner, but the Muslim lifts the spell on the Eve of St John. He helped a Muslim, but the Muslim tricked him. He locked him up there. Nobody can help him, because nobody can see him, except Don Vincent, because he's wearing a magic ring