A bloody cold day pt 4.2

Updated: 5/22/2021
A bloody cold day pt 4.2

Storyboard Text

  • We will, thank you.
  • Go and pack your bags, I'll make the call so you can leave as quickly as possible
  • You know a place? Wait let me write that down. Thank you so much!
  • Hello, I know two people who need a place to hide... It's been rough out here.
  • Here's the adress, It's in Moscow. I'll pray for your safety.
  • Thanks for everything you've done for us. We should be on our way before it's dark.
  • Goodbye!
  • We really can't thank you enough, I hope we will meet again when this is all over.
  • I'm sure we will, farewell and save travels!
  • Do you think we'll be safe there?
  • We can only hope...