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Finished Sleeping Beauty
Updated: 3/27/2019
Finished Sleeping Beauty
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  • One day in the near future you will have a child.
  • There once was a King and Queen. For many, many years they had wanted to have a child. But after they wished for many years nothing had happened. So one day they were told by a frog that they would one day have a child.
  • She shall have riches
  • The Gift of Beauty
  • A year had passed and they brought a beautiful daughter into the world. The King and Queen were in awe and so pleased that they threw a feast.
  • *Yawn* Ahh my prince charming
  • Everyone from the land, far and wide came. Everyone except for one of the fairies as there wasn't enough room fo her.
  • My sleeping beauty
  • Each Fairy granted the princess a wish. Then as the 12th fairy went to grant a wish, the fairy who was not invited came in. She was furious. She also wanted to grant a wish so she cursed the princess. She said that on her 15th birthday she would more fall to sleep for ever! The last fairy granted for her to be safe for her life.
  • I Shall give her the gift of virtue
  • The princess grew up to be everything that the fairies had wished upon her. But on the morning of her 15th birthday, she woke up early and wandered through the halls which lead her to a tower with a room. She walked through the room and saw the spinning wheel which she pricked her finger on. She fell asleep along with all of the people in the land.
  • As everyone slept, a wall of bushes formed around the castle and it was very hard to break through. But 100 years later the bravest, strongest and most handsome prince broke through and saved the land. But only true loves' kiss could break the spell and that was exactly what happened. And everyone lived happily ever after
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