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Updated: 9/29/2020
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  • "What's wrong brother?"
  • In a ordinary world on a dark Halloween night Jaz is told that her brother's candy bag was stolen. So he asks her to go and search for it.
  • "Somebody stole my candy bag!.I think they ran off int eh woods. Can you please find it for me?"
  • Jaz makes her way into the woods.... but sees something in the distance come closer to her...
  • Jaz accepts the call to find her brothers stolen candy bag, and makes her way into the dark woods.
  • "Yes, of course I will. But that means I have to go in the dark scary woods alone".
  • "Thanks Jaz, I know you can find the person who did this".
  • As Jaz is about to enter the dark woods she sees Old Man Canny. Who guards the woods on Halloween every year. Children are afraid of him and nobody dares to talk to him. Except for Jaz.
  • Danger!
  • Jaz tells Old Man Canny about her brothers missing candy bag .Old Man Canny tells her the danger that are inside these woods, and to look out for Mr. Mugs.
  • Danger!
  • " Be very careful of the things that live in these woods". You need to defend yourself and be smart".
  • "Why are you here?"
  • "Me too, let's find the person who did this!".
  • Jaz and PJ meet in the woods and come together to find out who is stole their candy bags.
  • " I'm in the woods trying to find my stolen bag of candy".
  • "Hello my name is PJ!, I need help!"
  • As Jaz and PJ search for the candy stealer, they are stopped in their tracks and attacked by a group of crows.
  • "Get away!" *swings bat to
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