Updated: 3/22/2020

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  • We must root out the heretics!
  • Religious heresy became a problem for the church in the 12th century, to combat this they began inquisitions
  • Yes, it is God's will
  • They used information from other people to begin their inquisitions, and often heard accusations and began to investigate them
  • Thank you my son for this information
  • I think Karen might be a heretic...
  • They would go into town and bring in the accused for a trial, a lot of the times to the surprise of the accused
  • What?
  • Are you a heretic?
  • No!
  • The trail would consist of 3 friars and witnesses that would ask the accused questions, and have the accused testify
  • LIAR!
  • Are you ready to confess to your heresy?
  • ....Yes, just let me go
  • The accused would often time be imprisoned and even tortured if they didn't admit to guilt, this would often lead to the accused admitting to guilt even if they were innocent
  • Once the inquisitors collected sufficient evidence they were able to punish the accused, these punishments could include further imprisonment, subjection to being publicly marked, and even execution