CRM302 Children & Crime Story Board
Updated: 8/27/2018
CRM302 Children & Crime Story Board
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  • Whitney is a 4-year-old girl who has witnessed her mother's boyfriend physically abuse her mother for the past 3 years. Springer, K., Sheridan, J., Kuo, D., & Carnes, M. (2007). Long-term physical and mental health consequences of childhood physical abuse: Results from a large population-based sample of men and women. Child Abuse & Neglect,31(5), 517-530.
  • Whitney will often be the next subject of physical abuse from the mother's boyfriend. These physical actions go beyond corporal punishment. Zolotor, A., Theodore, A., Runyan, D., Chang, JJ., & Laskey, A. (2011). Corporal punishment and physical abuse: population-based trends for three-to-11-year-old children in the United States. Child Abuse Review,20(1), 57-66.
  • Due to this abuse, Whitney is both aggressive and suffers from depression. She believes all the kids at her primary school hate her and talk behind her back. This is all in her head. Espeleta, H., Palasciano-barton, S., & Messman-moore, T. (2017). The impact of child abuse severity on adult attachment anxiety and avoidance in college women: the role of emotion dysregulation. Journal of Family Violence,32(4), 399-407.
  • Whitney left high school to have a baby with her boyfriend who loved her. Unfortunately, Whitney suffers from attachment-related anxiety and continuously accuses her boyfriend of cheating. He has given up on the relationship. Lansford, J., Miller-Johnson, S., Berlin, L., Dodge, K. , Bates, J., & Pettit, G. (2007) Early physical abuse and later violent delinquency: a prospective longitudinal study. Child Maltreatment, 12(3), 233-245.
  • Whitney is committing a violent crime of holding up a busy burger bar using a gun. Whitney is very on edge and seems apprehensive. Howell, K., Cater, A., Miller-Graff, L., Scwartz, L., & Graham-Bermann, S. (2016). The relationship between types of childhood victimization and young adulthood criminality. Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health, 27(4), 341-353.
  • Whitney was found guilty and charged in the Juvenile Court. Malinosky-Rummell, R., & Hansen, D. (1993) Long-term consequences of childhood physical abuse. Psychological Bulletin, 114(1), 68-79.
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