Narrative Story Board Project
Updated: 3/24/2021
Narrative Story Board Project

Storyboard Text

  • Hehehe home sweet home!!
  • Now that I think about it I should call Mia and Steve to see if they want to hang out.?
  • Hey do you guys want to come hangout?... because am home alone and you guys know I don't like being alone in this house duh?! ok i'll see you guys later!
  • Hi melyyy!!
  • Hi guys!! Lets go to room its COLD outside!!
  • Hi sherlock!
  • Uh um I forgot something in the car i'll be back you guys go head and get something to eat i'll be back
  • Why do I feel like Steve likes mely.... OMG HE LIKES MELY!!
  • Ok lol come on Steve
  • Should I tell Mely my best friend for four years that I like her... no no Steve your gonna ruin everything
  • NDHEBRBVREVN.... DID HE JUST TELL ME HE LIKES MEEEEEE.. Mely calm down hes gonna think your more weird..
  • Why would I not want to be your friend? I like you Steve and I knew you liked me because of the way you act all the time and the nicknames you gave me lol
  • But I do like you but lets take this slow first.
  • This might break our friendship but I just had to say this...But I kind of have feelings for you but I didn't know how to tell you and I felt like if I told you you might not want to be my friend.