Updated: 3/11/2020
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  • Platinum is a type of metal that is a solid at room temperature. It's boiling point is 3825 degrees Celsuis or 6917 degrees Fahrenheit. Its melting point is 1768.4 degrees Celsuis or 3215.1 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, its atomic weight is 195.084. The atomic number is 78.
  • The word 'Platinum' was originated from the spanish word for silver 'Platina'. Its used for jewlery, wire, laboratory vessels, dental work and more. Platinum is a soft but dense metal. It was used by the Pre-Columbian Indians of South America.
  • An ounce of Platinum Valcambi bar is about $1,533. The density of Platinum is 21.46 grams per cubic centimeter. It was discovered in South America By Ulloa in 1738 and was discovered in 1822 in the Ural Mountains in Russia.
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