Updated: 12/7/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Today is Christmas
  • Hey, i'm Sara!
  • A Christmas morning
  • Good morning Sara
  • No Presents?
  • under the christmas tree are no Presents mum!
  • That is Sara. Sara is 10 years old and live with her Family in a big House. Today is Christmas day. Sara is very happy because she loves Christmas and the gifts.
  • The Idea
  • I have a idea my darling!
  • Sara greeted her mother who was just cooking food. She fed her dog Sammy. But now she really wants to go to the prensents. Sara run to the living room.
  • In the city
  • we buy gifts in the toy store
  • Sara stopped in front of the tree in shock. There were no presents! Christmas without presents? Thats impossible for Sara!
  • the second shock
  • Help!!!
  • Sarah's mother comes to her quickly. After Sara has told her about her worries, her mother has an idea.
  • Sara goes into town with her mother so that Sara can choose presents. Sara is very happy.
  • But the shop was empty! The seller tells that she was robbed by a fake Santa Claus. She says the police are on their way.