Updated: 5/24/2020

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  • OMG, can you stop reading that essay please, it is so bored?
  • Hi, I am Holden and I am going to tell you my story life.
  • Hi Holden, how are you? but and as your parents are going to react, Holden is another expulsion.
  • What you need Ackley ?
  • I am reading a book guys, I will have finished this on two weeks.
  • Of course, I will be doing your homeworkthis week.
  • Oh Holden, can you give me doing a composition for language and literature?
  • JANE, she can be my better half
  • The story begins when they kick him out of Pencey. Later this, he went to visit his teacher after receiving his message, when he gets home he goes to his room and they talk, the teacher reads an essay to him.
  • In my school every Saturday there are dinners.
  • Holden leaves and while he is walking he thinks about how good a liar he is, he gets to his room and starts reading until Ackley, the boy from the next room, who hates him, enters.
  • Do you like?
  • okay but as you know I'm with Jane and what had to happen has already happened
  • it's ridiculous!
  • They go to the sink and Stradlater asks Holden to write a composition for language and literature, they start talking about girls and Jane, a girl who goes out with Ackley meets Holden and gets very excited and then only thinks about her.
  • I will have slept here at Ackley's room, OMG!
  • Where I can sleep?
  • Holden talks about the Saturday dinner at his school, he and Ackley and Mal are going to eat some hamburgers, then he goes back to his room and Ackley enters again but Holden does it and continued writing the composition remembering his brother.
  • I'm going to write the composition, the theme will be my brother's baseball glove, I will be writing this for 2 hours.
  • Stradlater arrives and begins to read the composition and thinks that it is something very ridiculous and he gets angry but soon they begin to speak of Jane, and Ackley tells him that he has had relations with Jane for which Holden gets angry and starts a fight.
  • When the fight ends Holden does not know where to sleep so he goes to Ackley, but since he is already asleep Holden goes to bed and thinks about Jane and Stradlater together and decides to leave that night, so he goes looking for money to sell his typewriter.
  • But Omg! Stradlater and Jane are together! I have to leave here right now