Protestant Reformation & Scientific revolution
Updated: 4/4/2020
Protestant Reformation & Scientific revolution
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  • The second wave of religious reformation took place in Switzerland, during the early 15th's. During this time it was very common to be punished at church for every nonsense.
  • Get out of my church! You don't deserve to be here!
  • Please! I beg you, don't punish me!
  • There was a priest who worked at a church, but he didn't agree with all this punishments, and he opposed to the church practices.
  • And I am going to start my own congregation, because the church's practices are bad.
  • Hello, my name is Ulrich Zwingli.
  • He made a lot of demands and had a lot of controversial ideas, and with time he started to have more followers.
  • Everyone deserves to be free and to have the same rights!
  • Don't seek to those who mistreat you!
  • Christ alone saves!
  • Then another man decided to give people alternatives and options instead of the church and he challenged some practices and beliefs.
  • Hi, my name is Martin Luther and I am a theologian. I have decided to question the church!
  • Get out of here! You don't deserve all of this people's attention with your stupid ideas!
  • But every time he went to the church to share his ideas with other people he was treated badly and no one would listen him.
  • But later on, his reforms were put on practice in Germany and in other countries, like the ones from Ulrich Zwingli, and this was called Lutheranism.
  • In the year 1529, Ulrich Zwingli and Martin Luther met. They had heard a lot about each other since they were competing on who was better at writing and teaching. But they had very similar ideas.
  • But after this, they kept competing to see who was better at what they were doing.
  • Hello Mr. Luther, it's a pleasure to finally meet you.
  • I believe that the church is corrupted and they have no basis in scripture.
  • The pleasure is all mine Mr. Zwingli.I can agree with that, I have write a lot of things about that topic.
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