Hercles and the Twelve Labors (continued)
Updated: 12/16/2019
Hercles and the Twelve Labors (continued)
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  • 3. Ceryneian Hind
  • Yes! I caught the deer, and Artemis is letting me carry it back on my shoulders to King Eurystheus!
  • No problem, Heracles, it's allowing you to complete your labors.
  • 4.Erymanthian Boar
  • I trapped the Erymanthian Boar in a net after stabbing it with my spear!
  • 5. Augean Stables
  • I dug a trench between the two rivers outside and made space for the water to clean them.
  • What!?! How did you clean my castle and stables like this!?!
  • This doesn't count!
  • 6. Stymphalian Birds
  • I got krotala from Artemis, used it to scare the birds, and am now shooting them.
  • 7. Cretan Bull
  • I'm going to strangle this bull and send it to King Eurystheus!
  • 8. Horses of Diomedes
  • I will take these man-eating horses to Tiryns!
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