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Gatsby 3
Updated: 2/25/2019
Gatsby 3
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  • Tom asks if they knew about Daisy and Gatsby, then realize they knew the entire time. Tom says he hired an investigator for Gatsby and now Gatsbys car starts running low on gas
  • Did you two know about this? Well I'm not stupid I investigated this man and he isn't an Oxford man he lived in a poor place called Oxford
  • Pull on a Gas Station
  • Mr. Wilsons shop
  • Mr. Wilson is scared that this secret life will take their marriage apart and the secret lover is Tom, the man that is losing his two lovers, but Wilson doesn't know. Tells him he will sell him his car.
  • I want the car because now I am very sick since I discovered Myrtle was living a secret life and I want to leave NY and move west
  • Why do you want that car so much?
  • So, can I buy the car?
  • Tom drives very fast because he wanted to catch up Gatsby and Daisy, once they caught up Daisy suggested to go to the moves. Tom didn't want to and they rent a hotel room in the plaza hotel. Everybody is having a great time, until...
  • Do you know Bill Blocks Biloxi, the wedding crasher that was an Oxford man, you went at the same time. Or are you not an Oxford man? 
  • Tom tries to make Gatsby tell a lie and everyone doubts him because he didn't know the famous Bill
  • No, but I wouldn't consider myself an Oxford man, I went just 5 months
  • What kind o row are you trying to cause into my family?
  • Daisy never loved you
  • Tom seems hurt because she seemed unsure of loving him and ends up telling Gatsby to drive Daisy home. Tom tells the negative business that Gatsby is involucrated
  • Tell him, tell him that is not true
  • I mean, I have loved you, now I love Gatsby and that's all that matters
  • We have loved each other for the past year, she didnt marry me because I was poor, but now I have equal money to you
  • I just remembered, today is my birthday
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