The Suspicious Sounds

Updated: 6/29/2020
The Suspicious Sounds

Storyboard Description

About a girl finding out what a mysterious noise is

Storyboard Text

  • Zoe went to a café the following day and wrote down some ideas and how to find out what it is.That night she was going to hide up there and find out what it is by staying really quiet.
  • So it went to plan, she went up there and waited.For a long time nothing happened, but then, there wasa thump and a ghost popped out of nowhere."Who are you?" Zoe asked, looking gob-smacked."I am a long lost prince of Egypt, here to help." it said.Zoe recognised this voice from somewhere.
  • She dashed back to bed and thought about why she recognised him. Then it all came flooding back and she remembered him from being a baby. He had helped her out of a fire that burnt her house down.Her family survived but he hadn't...TO BE CONTINUED...