The Battle of Austerlitz
Updated: 3/23/2020
The Battle of Austerlitz

Storyboard Text

  • The Battle of Austerlitz
  • You see, after the unfortunate defeat at Trafalgar, we French must CRUSH the Austrians and Russians!
  • The Austrians and Russians will attack on our weak southern flank, but we will have reinforcements coming from Vienna. They will be blindsided!
  • The reinforcements arrived in time and forced the Austrians and Russians to retreat. The Russians fled back to Russia, but the Austrians stayed to sue for peace
  • Dear Alexander I,Napoleon has said that he will leave Austria in tact if you close borders to Britain. Please do consider.Sincerely, Francis II
  • Napoleon tried to make a deal with Austria, but Russia would not cooperate...
  • Dear Francis, Russia will not close borders to Britain. We rely on their trade and frankly, Napoleon is too far away to be OUR problem. Sincerely, Alexander I
  • Napoleon considered his "trick" at Austerlitz to be his great masterpiece
  • With Russia not cooperating, Napoleon drafted the Treaty of Pressburg in which he took the territories of Tyrol, Vorarlberg, Baden and Wurttemberg from the Austrians.