Updated: 5/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • hey! look at those cool fireworks!
  • i know right! i wonder how they make fireworks?
  • fireworks contain gunpowder and gunpowder is made mainly from sulfur! that's how to fireworks get so high up in the sky!
  • wow! sulfur sounds sooo cool! can you tell us some more about it?
  • sure!
  • the electron configuration of sulfur is 2,8,6 and the valance electron is 6
  • in 1777, a french chemist, Antoine Lavoisier, proved that sulfur was an element not a compound.
  • there are 16 protons and neutrons in sulfur and they are found inside the nucleus in the centre of the atom
  • sulfur (S) has 16 electrons! electrons are found in shells that surround the nucleus of an atom
  • a group on a periodic table are the columns going down and go from 1-18
  • a period is a row going across and goes from 1-7
  • the atomic mass is the amount of protons and neutrons are inside the atom. the atomic mass for sulfur is 32.
  • Sulfur is located in group 16, period 3
  • the atomic number for sulfur is 16. this is the amount of protons in an atom.
  • hey thanks for telling us all about sulfur that was really interesting!
  • you're welcome!