Comic strip

Updated: 10/27/2020
Comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • "Guys we should go into the abonded house and explore it!"
  • 'I amnot sure about that it seems scary."
  • "Emma watch our!"Jake screams.
  • "RUN!"emma screams.
  • "We should be safe here."jake states.
  • :Um I don't think so as she points behind her".Susy cries.
  • "Let's go inside this shed to rest, and try to get away from those scary things."
  • "Okay"
  • "We should be safe here for now"Emma says.
  • Emma quickly get out of there, there is someone behind you!" Susy screeches
  • "It's kind funky in here" Emma says plugging her nose.
  • Phew maybe we are safe now and, next time we won't be so adventures
  • "good idea" both girls laughingly say.
  • "That was like a horror movie,it was so scary" Emma whines