of mice and men storyboard
Updated: 8/13/2020
of mice and men storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • He is crying because George took his mouse from him.
  • George is getting mad at lennie because he wont stop crying about the mouse.
  • George is telling Lennie how his life could be different if he didn´t have to take care of him.
  • George if you want me to leave you alone I can go and find a cave .
  • No don´t go I´m sorry if you stay I can get you a puppy when I get a chance to
  • okay fine I will stay
  • Alright good and when we start work we can save up money and get a house with a lot of animals if u want
  • Okay and can we get some rabbits, chickens etc.
  • yes we can any animals you want to have on your farm .
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