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Lesson 5 Vocab Assignment
Updated: 11/22/2019
Lesson 5 Vocab Assignment
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  • Remember how you always told me that I was in a race when I was in high school?
  • Well your saying is like an analogy. School is like a race. In both everyone is trying to be at the top and win the trophy.
  • You are absolutely right, it can definitely be an analogy.
  • Why yes, of course I do!
  • College really is different from high school. Over there some professors care about my education, but some have a sense of apathy.
  • Cedric not every teacher will treat you as I did. Some professors will not have an interest or be concerned about whether you do well or not in college.
  • Yeah, I learned that later on. I was also wondering if you knew if anyone needed help with their bibliographies in their English classes?
  • I need to do some tutoring to get extra credit for English. I remember never having trouble with finding the author's credibility and I also know all the answers that must be answered in one.
  • Well Cedric I am not sure if any English classes are doing an essay or not right now, why?
  • If there is nothing available it is okay.
  • Yeah that seems like a great idea! I was very judicious as I decided to apply to Brown. I still wanted to go to an Ivy League, even though MIT was my top choice. I was judging Brown by its educational status given to it by society.
  • What you can do is guide the students into being judicious when it comes to picking a college. You can point out things that seemed important for a college to have and how the decisions are crucial. Also how they should be a little picky.
  • Sorry.
  • Yeah, it sure seems like it. MIT was my dream but, I guess I had to wake up and see that it was just a dream. Brown is definitely for me, not MIT.
  • What a Paradox! A school that was not on your list, actually became of more fond to you than your top choice.
  • Well it was really nice seeing you after a while. I'll make sure to visit soon.
  • I sure will Mr. Taylor!
  • It was nice to see you too Cedric. Take care and go get the education you need to get to better places in the world.
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