Updated: 10/5/2018
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  • !ahh I. Grendel will defeat and kill 30 Danes and haunt herot for twelve Winters
  • ahhh hide...hide...not again.. not another night will he take 30 of my men
  • I, Beowulf, son of Edgetho have arrived with my 14 most mightest men to end the sufferong at the hand of Grendle.
  • I, Beowulf am not worried about death and am ready to fight
  • I, Watchman for Heort, Please state your fathers name and your name and reason to come
  • I, Beowulf will defeat you with no armor
  • I, Grendel have defeated Herot for twelve winters fearing nothing but tonight I am in fear
  • I, Beowulf am here to defeat you, Grendel's mother no matter what it takes!
  • I, Grendel's mother welcome you with my claws and will fight with you. 
  • I, Beowulf will defeat you and all of your gold and everything hidden in the tower will be mine 
  • I will protect my tower and my treasure and will burn you with my fiery breath
  • I, Beowulf ask of you Wiglaf to get all treasures from the tower, lead my men once I'm gone and build me a tall, strong tower
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